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Invited Talk: NMA Lates: Wonder Women (Jan 2022)

An event hosted by the Ocean Conservation Trust at the National Marine Aquarium encouraging women and girls to pursue careers in STEM by showcasing the variety of careers available in Plymouth, the achievements of professionals and reversing gender stereotypes.

Cordelia’s talk entitled ‘No dolphins were harmed in the making of this talk’ not only set the record straight on why microbes are better than dolphins but how she got from A to B despite the hurdles she had to overcome.

Image of cordelia giving a talk

Conference Talk: MMEG (Dec 2021)

Molecular Microbial Ecology Group Meeting (MMEG 2021) is a forum for early career researchers within the broad field of microbial and molecular sciences to present their own research in a supportive environment.

Cordelia was selected to give a talk entitled ‘Mary, Mary, quite contrary how does your garden grow?’ She discussed the findings of the first research chapter of her PhD looking at how microbial communities on sinking particles in the ocean are connected and how this plays a role in the wider food web, using the ‘Microbial gardening’ hypothesis as a foundation for this work.

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Radio Interview: BBC Radio Leicester “Curious Kids” June 2021

Radio interview on BBC Radio Leicester for the weekly feature “Curious Kids”. Every week children send in questions that their parents can’t answer and BBC Radio Leicester find experts to get them an answer.

Cordelia was charged with answering the question from Hannah on ‘How deep is the ocean and what’s the deepest sunlight can reach?’. I also think I convinced presenter Jo Bostock and listeners that microbes are cool and how important marine snow is considering that sunlight doesn’t tend to go past 200 m.

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Invited talk: #DiveIntoScience -Conservation Conversations (Feb 2021)

Online event hosted by the Ocean Conservation Trust and compered by Prof. John Spicer and Freyja Thomson as an evening to dive into the science of 3 local PhD students.

In my talk, I took the audience from the marshes of Plymouth to the Mid-Atlantic ocean, uncovering the microbial dynamics at play - introducing ,what was new to some, the topic of marine fungi and how I hopes to uncover their role in the near future.

image of instagram post for I am a Marine Biologist with two cartoon scientists on

Collab InstaLive: I am.. a Marine Biologist (Feb 2021)

In a collaboration of shared desire to communicate that marine biology isn’t just swimming with dolphins, sharks and diving on coral reefs. Yasmin Meeda and I discovered the true diversity of careers that being a marine biologist entails.

Catch it here on Yaz’s instagram!

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BBC Newsround: World Ocean Day 2020

On World Ocean Day in 2020, I was selected by the BBC to create a video on the importance of our ocean, and how without the ocean we wouldn’t be here. Watch my video here!

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