Stop Motion Animation

As we all were looking to find new and exciting things to do during lockdown I took inspiration from my house mate and got into stop motion animation. I love using this fun tool to communicate ideals and recently i’ve used this tool to communicate about different types of aquatic fungi including trying to shed a new more positive light on some fungi that are known for their devilish behaviour on amphibians, chytrids!

UK Fungus Day 2020

UK fungus day is celebrated in October every year to celebrate all things fungi! From toadstools to moulds to pesky chytrids (see below!) it’s a time to get up close and personal with some very important organisms. But for UK Fungus Day our research lab recognised that there was something missing: Marine Fungi! Here I had a little bit of fun to entice new and already existing mycologists into what marine fungi is all about as part of a twitter campaign we ran as lab. Why not give it a watch?

Chytrids, the not so dreaded kind!

Chytrids quite often get a bad rep for causing mass amphibian die offs with a global reach. Here we explored the ‘good’ side to chytrids, uncovering their potential role in shaping the bacterial communities on detritus in freshwater ecosystems. The microbial communities associated with degrading detritus in aquatic environments are crucial in cycling carbon - which becomes increasing important in understanding as the climate crisis continues. Watch my video take on our research here!

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